Lightweight & Compact

The I-CLIP is both lightweight (0,53 oz) and compact (0,59") 



It can hold up to 12 cards as well as your bills and receipts.


High-tech and Stable

The frame and the clip are made out of high tech material called Robutense™ which will keep your cards in pristine condition. Our specially developed resin is balanced, long-lasting and has an elastic force: to pay has never been this safe as all your means of payment are firmly held by the ergonomic clip.


Keeps your clothes safe

With its soft and rounded edges, the I-CLIP fits any pocket and is gentle on any fabric you wear.


100% Genuine High-Quality Leather

A high quality leather cover finishes the product and will distinguish you from the crowd. Discovering the color pallet is akin to a getaway to Morocco ochre, Far East red lacquer or Austral night blue. With a range that is still growing, it will be difficult to state which one is your favorite.


100% Made in Germany

And as if this was not enough, your I-CLIP is 100% made in Germany. The entire manufacturing process takes place at our own location in Bad Dürkheim, on the German wine route, at the crossroads of Europe

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