1. Does the I-CLIP wear out?

In normal conditions of use, the I-CLIP will last you many years. A high-tech resin is an essential component of the frame and the clip is balanced and long-lasting. This material is most notably used in the manufacturing process of the Airbus A380.

2. Why doesn't the I-CLIP have a magnetic clasp?

A magnetic clasp could damage the sensitive magnetic stripes and chips of your cards,
therefore it is intentional that the I-CLIP doesn't use a magnetic clasp.

Don't worry! Thanks to the elastic force of the clip and its clever design, your bills and cards are held safely in place without any problems.

3. Can the I-CLIP damage my clothes?

The I-CLIP is especially designed for small pockets (shirts, pants, and jackets etc.), which is the reason for the smooth, rounded edges. It even perfectly fits in summer outfits known for their light and sensitive fabrics (linen, cotton, silk etc.).

4. Does the I-CLIP have a place to store coins?

The I-CLIP is designed as a small, slim, lightweight and safe card wallet with an integrated clip for your bills. Due to this, an additional pocket would contradict the concept of the I-CLIP. Leave more tips when eating out or save your coins and throw them in your piggy bank. This savings can then be used as vacation money at the end of the year!

5. Where does the leather for I-CLIP come from?

The cover of the I-CLIP is manufactured from high quality genuine leather.

Our first criterion is to have transparent local sourcing channels where the environment and the animal's well-being are at the core of the manufacturing process. Therefore, most of our cow hides come from the Austrian mountains. Regarding our superior fashion lines, we are exclusively processing responsibly sourced exotic animal skins. For example, for our caiman leather, we are a member of the International Reptile Leather Association that promotes a regulated trade under the CITES agreement (http://www.cites.org). A modern and eco-friendly tanning process is the other important criterion for our careful selection of leathers.

If you have further questions about our various types of leather, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

6. Why isn't the I-CLIP made out of metal?

If the I-CLIP was made out of metal the magnetic strips on your cards might be damaged, your cards could be more easily scratched or bills could be ripped. A metal clip might either be too strong and damage your cards and bills or too weak and your valuables could fall out. Using a lacquered high-tech resin is one of the main features that makes the I-CLIP very unique.

7. Where is the I-CLIP manufactured?

The I-CLIP is made in Germany!

Our German partner company is based in Bad Dürkheim on the German Wine Route. Production, sales and marketing are all under one roof. This is how „Made in Germany“ is made affordable. If you'd like to find out more about our German partner company, just click on the link ABOUT US.

8. Is there a minimum of cards that I should have in my I-CLIP?

The I-CLIP can hold between 1-12 cards. The pressure of the clip allows it to hold even just 1 card with little effort.

9. How should I put bills in my I-CLIP?

You can fold your bills in many different ways. However, there is a simple way to fold your bills and optimize the use of your I-CLIP. Check out this video we put together for you:


10. What happens if I shake the I-CLIP?

Just take out your current wallet and shake it once firmly. The stronger you shake, the more you may have to pick up off the floor. The design of the I-CLIP allows you to shake it and it protects all of your cards and bills from falling out.

11. My wallet already looks worn out after 4 weeks...What about the I-CLIP?

The material of the I-CLIP frame is first colored and then the lacquer is applied. Because of this, scratches on the I-CLIP are almost invisible. Of course, like all leathers, our leathers also develop a "patina" finish over time, which adds to its character and shows proof of your daily use.

12. The I-CLIP is mainly for men, isn‘t it?

Neither men nor women like bulges in their pockets.
Neither men nor women like to carry more weight than necessary.

And don't forget: Many wallets do not fit in a fashionable clutch bag. The I-CLIP does!

13. Why should I buy more than one I-CLIP?

For the same reason that you have many different shoes! The I-CLIP comes in many different colors and leather types in order to always match your outfit. Additionally, it could be practical to have an I-CLIP for work and another one for personal use or when you go to the gym. Take your time to think about how many I-CLIPs you need!

14. Why do you give so much information here about origin, the manufacturing process and even traces of use of the I-CLIP?

Because we are proud of our product! Material selection and quality are our priority and we want you to know as much as possible about your future I-CLIP!

15. Can I also order the I-CLIP by phone?

Yes, of course you can! You can call us at (727) 944-1136 Monday through Friday.


16. Are there any special conditions if I want to distribute the I-CLIP in my retail shop?

You can send us an e-mail at sales@fluxusa.net to discuss our exciting dealer conditions.

17. I didn’t find any answer to my questions. What should I do?

Please get in touch via our contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.