About Us

We market lifestyle innovations that add a splash of color to everyday life. Driven by optimism and creativity, we take great care of our products for them to become leaders in their classes. You can contribute to our mission! Once we become the market leader with the I-CLIP, be ready for a big party. 

Our boss:

      • His name is Frank Mayer
      • Frank started his business 12 years ago with many great ideas and borrowed money from friends.
      • Now he uses his ideas to keep the dynamic of the company high. 
      • He made millions of housewives happy with his first inventions, a designer door stopper named Stoppy. 
      • He is now really enthusiastic with his new baby, the I-CLIP.

      Our team:

        • Our headquarters is in Bad Dürkheim, Germany, where the I-CLIP is also manufactured. Our warehouse in the United States is in Tampa, Florida. 
        • There are about 50 employees and we're still growing every day. 
        • We are very international with at least 10 different nationalities. 
        • All are commited to making Flux Design Products GmbH and Flux Products LLC as successful as possible. 


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